Wango Conference

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  • Human Dignity

    The concept of human dignity is fundamental to the character of being human, signifying that all human beings possess an intrinsic worthiness.

  • Intrinsic Worthiness

    This intrinsic worthiness is widely recognized by international law as the source of all human rights. As a core component of human beings, human dignity is the concern of all NGOs.

  • NGOs Mission

    Whether striving to prevent or treat disease, advance reconciliation, or provide humanitarian aid, at the forefront of an NGO’s mission is the recognition of the inherent dignity of each human being.

Online World Congress of NGOs

  • The World Congress of NGOs is WANGO’s flagship event.In the past, it has been held in such venues as Bangkok, Thailand; Washington, D.C.; Budapest, Hungary; Toronto, Canada; and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Gathering for these unique events have been leaders of non-governmental organizations (charities, nonprofits, civil society organizations) from throughout the world, as well as prominent representatives from the governmental and corporate sectors.
  • The 2010 event will be an online conference, allowing a wider participation of NGO leaders, who in the past may have been restricted by associated costs (air travel, accommodations), visa issues, or inconvenient timing. As with the traditional World Congress, this event will feature keynote addresses, panel sessions (4), workshops of practical importance (10), and the WANGO General Assembly. Also part of the proceedings will be an interview with an international leader, an online Happy Hour, an online Exhibit Hall, and much more.

Call for Papers

  • Call for Papers
    While the speakers for various workshops, sessions, interviews, and keynote addresses are selected by the Technical Program Committee, the Congress is making available opportunities for up to six NGO leaders and representatives to present papers during the Congress. If you would like to present, please submit an abstract here.